We go on adventures so you don't have to.

Want to sit on your arse all day playing awesome games with friends and/or loved ones, but you're too damn lazy to call or text them to show you care? Need to put your insufferable children to sleep with the smooth dulcet tones of 30-something nerd-babies? Need some fantasy roleplaying in your life while you're getting straight yoked in the gym? If you answered "I guess" to any of these questions, you've come to the right place!

What is The d20 Syndicate?

Let's Play? More like Let's ROLE Play.

The d20 Syndicate is an Actual Play Dungeons and Dragons (5E) Podcast. We're a bunch of weirdo outcasts who make total jackasses of ourselves for our own (and your, possibly) entertainment!

Kidding! We're grown ups who've been friends a long time who have found an outlet for our creative expression. We hang out on the weekends and play our favorite tabletop games of old. Usually D&D, but sometimes more.

Think of us as an unusually attractive group of Let's Players who play Tabletop RPGs. Let's ROLE Players, if ya nasty!


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