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Making a character that's doomed from the start

A group of friends and I are prepping to start recording our sessions for Youtube once our current campaign arc has concluded. Wanting to get some practice on mic, we all gathered together for a fun little one shot that took place 20 years before our main story began. We could make literally any character we wanted.

In the side campaign that I run, I had the player characters fight an allip in a cave in a town infested with other undead. The creature was cursed with potential world-ending knowledge but got consumed with madness before he could solve all of the riddles behind this inevitable doom. My PCs defeated the allip and inherited the curse without their knowing. This one encounter will determine the rest of their game.

Being a sucker for connected plot threads and D&D "universes", I decided to make my PC in this one shot doomed from the start. Excitedly, I decided that my player character in this one-shot would one day become that undead creature in the cave.

I made him a Githzerai Wizard named Xell'dorak Magdalush, Dreamer of the Order of Confluence. We had a very interesting one shot, since all of the characters united together were different shades of neutral, and did not synergize well in the best of ways. But just inwardly knowing that one day Xell was ultimately going to die thinking he was going to save the world made me play him differently. He had no qualms sacrificing others to claim artifacts for himself if the need called for it. It was very cool. Very opposite of my typical characters I play as in game. When I told my friends who this guy would become they got way excited. As I said, I'm a sucker for shared universes. Just thought it was a fun idea and thought I'd share.

Now, it's a little sad. I didn't enjoy being Xell, but he was a cool character. Would've been a neat NPC. Oh, well...

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