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When one of your favorite NPCs gets stabbed in the face and dies, you must needs improvise.

To preface all of this, our DM institutes a little flavor enhancer into our campaigns called B.A.M. (badass moment) Cards. Once per story arc, each PC can throw down a B.A.M. Card to help enhance a special moment, or to help do something potentially above and beyond your character level. It usually happens in big story instances when we want to do something really cool, and they've turned out very interesting so far.

So anyway, my adventuring party was having an epic 5v5 boss showdown with Barbarian chieftains. Our world's barbarians are firm believers in settling disputes with the mightiest warriors on both sides facing each other 1 on 1. Each of our characters were squared off against a particular imposing foe, and if we were to win, we'd have to wait patiently off to the side for our comrades to conclude, to respect barbarian customs.

Durant — our friend and guide — was facing off against a particularly savage wildling, who sealed the deal with a gigantic period at the end of the sentence; effectively stabbing him right through the face and out through the back of the head.

Being a Level 7 Forge Domain Cleric, I knew I didn't have a resurrection spell or anything yet. I had Spare the Dying, but Durant was clearly killed outright and was not unconscious. When he fell, I looked around the table. This is my wife and the DM's girlfriend's first campaign. They look literally shocked and devastated that their pal was so ruthlessly killed off right before them.

Luckily, I still had a B.A.M. card.

Due to the 1v1 fight I had just had, I noticed I still had Spirit Guardians active (my Spirit Guardians appear as legendary dwarven warrior ancestors of old). Having very little time to think about it, I threw down my B.A.M. Card and then some magic happened.

In character, I looked at my spirit guardian protectors and beseeched them for aid. I asked them to help me save my friend and pull him from the fade.

Still using Spare the Dying, I laid my hands upon Durant's lifeless form, while uttering blessings of my deity. As epic music began to play (Leaving Earth from Mass Effect 3), my dwarven ghost brothers knelt down around me in a circle and tore open like a spirit door. We all reached in, and pulled him out. Durant was alive.

As this was happening, I looked around at my friends, everyone was all emotional and freaking out. It was one of the coolest moments of the campaign so far.

Now because of his resurrection, new story elements have occurred. Durant is now eternally indebted to me, my brother's character has started believing a bit in my deity, and we've had interesting discussions about exactly what happened to Durant when he passed on to the ethereal plane.

I'm super thankful Seth

adheres to the rule of cool. Within reason, some of the greatest campaign moments can happen when you let a player think outside the box. :)

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