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To'marr's Note to Hazel

Here is some more background lore for you all, as it directly pertains to events going on in our current campaign arc. When To'marr initially met Hazel and had his brief encounter with her, he felt guilt over what he'd done. So he wrote her the following...


Before the Wolves of Moonreach and their new company head out of Heart Valley for the first time, To’marr jogs over to the front door of the Captain of the Guard’s quarters and hastily scrawls a note:


The events of yesterday are still a bit fuzzy for me (what was in those drinks??), and you may not even remember what happened between us, but I feel like I need to come clean.

I took your keyring. I’ve hung it on this note here for you. Also, my friends and I killed your boss. He was bad. Hells, YOU may even be bad. You also may just be looking for good coin. We’ve got a troubled history with Rothia, and we mean to see them answer for what they’ve done to us.

If you are a Rothian sympathizer, then I fully expect you to send men after us to finish us off. You may even come yourself. I welcome it. I will be sad to have to kill you, but at least Wyr Karag will have blessed me with seeing your face once more.

You are the first person I’ve been with since...well, since my first love died before me. I apologize. I was far into my cups and wouldn’t normally act on such base impulses. My heart is still with Marya, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to open it up again to another. I’m sure you can understand.

Never say never, though...

That’s why I write this letter to you. I mentioned this briefly before, after the “sparring match” we had. I am To’marr, of clan Ironfist, and I mean to take back the birthright of the dwarves. The mountain is where we all were made by the blessing of Wyr Karag, and I serve now as his main vessel in this realm. I mean to rekindle The Forge.

Yet I know I can’t do it alone. I have very close friends who I know will help when the time comes, but I also know I’ll need our own kind. Our people are scattered now, fighting losing battles of attrition. We are at our strongest together. If you want new purpose for yourself. If you’ve ever wondered if there’s ever more to life than the next battle. Join me. Together, we can bring glory and hearth back to our people once again.

For now, we ride south to stop the Rothian forces by any means necessary. No matter how you feel about me now, I’ll be waiting.

Yours, for one night at least,

— To’marr Ironfist, son of Gorm, Rekindled, Disciple of Wyr Karag, Last Hope of the Dwarves

P.S: Bring some of the crazy drink with you.

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