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NPC Profile: Who is Calcifer?

Calicifer, the Dancing BBEG

Much has been hinted at about the previous arc of The Lineage of Moonreach campaign, but nothing so creepy and mysterious as Calcifer...

This ne’er-do-well was an unnamed villain for the first two arcs who continues to show up and bother the party when it is least convenient. Suspiciously popping up out of thin air every time, he is always dancing and shimmying; seemingly unconcerned with his own safety. He speaks in a very casual, almost friendly manner — a feature that has weirded out the Wolves of Moonreach since they first encountered him in the now ruined city of Ravenmoor.

Because of his carefree demeanor, the party had begun calling him the "Creepy Dancing Guy" — even after learning he referred to himself as Calcifer, and was simultaneously claiming to be one of the party’s old childhood rivals, a Half-Orc named Lars.

He can apparently control people, at one point forcing the party’s bard to spin in a pirouette as she moved to attack him. He also seems to be operating remotely. Anytime he is done harassing the Wolves, he collapses in a heap like a discarded doll. When his sinister looking mask is removed, there’s just a shriveled eyeless corpse underneath.

Most of his dirty work has involved controlling others; whether it be summoning a bone dragon to attack a city, or summoning an earth golem to...also attack a city. He’s also got a group of hooded goons on hand to do his bidding.

You know, typical BBEG shit.

He’s a thorn in the party’s side, but what villain isn’t? Especially when he’s dancing on the parapets of a burning city as the party flees the destruction, his cavorting mocking the Wolves every step of the way.

During the big confrontation at the end of he second arc, Pinwin managed to sneak into a hidden room where Lars was holed up and filled his body with arrows, seemingly killing him and causing the collapse of the cave itself. The Wolves of Moonreach barely escaped, but all seemed well. As far as the party knew, that was the last they would see of Calcifer.

It has now been thirteen months in Argaria with no sign of their dance-happy foe. Could Pinwin truly have saved the day and rid the world of his nefarious machinations? Only time will tell...

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