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Ophelia Rai Midori | Meet the Characters | Into the Yonder Void

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Ophelia (Phee) Rai Midori She/Her | Elf | Sorcerer/Warlock

Ophelia‘s story began when she stumbled onto the material plane in a smattering of trees as a teenager with no recollection of her life prior. Taken in by a hidden Firbolg village, she was given the tools for survival, while discovering dormant and mysterious powers of her own. Despite a new home, she couldn’t shake her growing curiosity about a nearby forbidden forest. When she finally gave in to her temptation, her entire life changed.

These days, you can find Phee exploring Kezriel with her traveling cart. Just make sure not to be fooled by her charming appearance; she has a storm in her she’s still weathering.

Campaign 2: "INTO THE YONDER VOID" premieres July 22nd, 2021 wherever you listen to your podcasts. More to come!


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