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Gildebrand Molani | Meet the Characters | Into the Yonder Void

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Gildebrand Molani | He/Him | Hexblood | Ranger/Rogue

Gildebrand, or “Gil” to his friends, is a carefree wanderer of curious origin. Easily bored with the monotony of everyday responsibility, Gil prefers cutting loose and failing up, as he meanders through life. This fun-loving Fey creature is no stranger to drink, revelry, song and excess, sometimes to his detriment.

As a former smuggler, Gildebrand is no stranger to billowed sails and salt-stained clothes, but since being landlocked by his old crew currently spends his days in Starystrom doing odd jobs for anyone willing to pay the right price.

Campaign 2: "INTO THE YONDER VOID" premieres July 22nd, 2021 wherever you listen to your podcasts. More to come!

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