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Pinwin's Log Blog #1: Behind Pinwin Dingleroot

Pinwin has been such a fun character to play. It’s honestly tough with him being as reckless as he is at times because he’s so precious to me! But it’s just who Pinwin is; recklessly curious and adventurous! However, there’s a whole lot more to Pinwin than what is presented in our campaign. Pinwin comes from Shadeholm, a town that Tomas helped create. Shadeholm is basically one huge forest, filled with tree-house-like communities. The town is essentially run in a communal fashion; everyone does SOMETHING to help in the community and aside from a few elders, the wealth is shared pretty equally. Aside from his family, Pinwin didn’t have a whole lot of friends. He was just as awkward and overly-excited as he is today, and this tends to make people feel a bit overwhelmed by him in a not-so-great way. But he was very close to the local priest, Aster Goodbrook. Aster babysat Pinwin when he was too young to go off on adventures with his parents. While Aster, was also overwhelmed by Pinwin, the two of them formed a fun relationship. Pinwin just loved to hear the priest's stories about things he had encountered in his life and teachings of the nature deity Shu'nat. In Shadeholm, Aster wasn’t really taken seriously by most halflings around Pinwin’s age, but Pinwin loved him and his stories nonetheless, and not in the creepy way. Aside from Aster, Pinwin's closest friends were members of his family, most specifically his sisters. Pinwin comes from a fairly large family. He has two brothers (Barlee; the baby of the family, and Osmo; eldest of all the siblings), who, unlike Pinwin, are very strong and athletic by nature. He also has two sisters (Eilee; strong and independent, and Darla; kind and very fashionable), whom he looks up to and is very close to. Pinwin’s mother, Balora Dingleroot (formerly Balora Humble), comes from a more established part of Shadeholm. Her family owned the Humble Cove (the most prominent tavern and inn in all of Shadeholm), where they were well known for their fantastic hospitality and their delicious Humblebrew. Pinwin’s father (RIP), Oswin came from a typical village family. But together, Balora and Oswin were a great team; with Oswin’s immense quirkiness and goofiness, paired with Balora’s gracefulness and infectious joy, they went off around the world-interviewing adventurers/taking in stories from all over and compiling these into musical renditions that they would perform wherever they went. Performing became just as much a part of their business as had been shipping casks of their brew to nearby taverns in the realm. As you may have figured out by now, Pinwin was very heavily influenced by his family and his home. Eilee taught Pinwin all he knows about foraging, setting traps, and really anything within nature. Darla taught Pinwin to be kind and instilled his immense love for fashion. Barlee and Osmo taught Pinwin that even though people can be incredibly different, there is always some kind of middle ground — he also learned that he is DEFINITELY not a strong, athletic type-A halfling male. Lastly, Pinwin’s parents instilled so many great things in him, most of all that life is full of stories and adventures and part of living is going on adventures and telling these stories. With these family values in Pinwin’s heart, and with his love for music and wanting to find a way to marry music with stories, Pinwin went off into the world, with his bow, lute, and best friend, Shadow!

Stay tuned to find out more behind this funny little guy, and some of his adventures before becoming a member of the Wolves of Moonreach!

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